From the minds that brought you Spit-Take Theater and dozens of other classic sketches that you don’t know, comes Disgruntled Bit-Players Radio Theater, a podcast that will present original radio plays designed to make you chuckle warmly so hard that you’ll puke. 


Our first production is a hard-hitting noir detective tale featuring the indelible character, Beigey, P.I. 


Detective José Amador is drawn into a family drama with deadly consequences. Presented for you today is Episode 2: Butler-a-go-go


Announcer: Keith G. Marsteller

Beigey: José Amador

Ron MacDonald: Chris Seiler

Katherine Ritzy: Kathleen Hogan

Doorman: Cory Nealy

Georgina: Rhonda J. Soikowski

Cutler: Evan Mosher

Arthur Ritzy III: Dave Wack

Skipper Ritzy: Rhonda J. Soikowski

Johnny Marzetti: Trevor Brown

Additional Voices: Michael Anderson


Written and Directed by Joe Wack

From a story by Joe Wack and José Amador

Produced by  Megan Joplin, Keith G. Marsteller and Joe Wack

Audio Production by Keith G. Marsteller

Sound Mastering by Evan Mosher

Theme Music by Evan Mosher

Harlem Nocturne written by Earle Hagen and Dick Rogers

Performed by Bud Shank

Original Artwork by Sebastian Kadlecik

Logo by Cheese Bone Digital

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