From the minds that brought you Spit-Take Theater and dozens of other classic sketches that you don’t know, comes Disgruntled Bit-Players Radio Theater, a podcast that will present original radio plays designed to make you chuckle warmly so hard that you’ll puke. 


Our sophomore production is the sprawling, electrifying action thriller Megaballs.


Maverick welder Bjorn Bjornson's world is turned upside down as he comes into possession of a winning lottery ticket. Plunged headfirst into a vast government conspiracy of assassins, postal carriers and monsters, Bjorn has to fight to stay alive. Presented for you today is Episode 1: Beware the Switzer.


Announcer: Keith G. Marsteller

Bjorn: Evan Mosher

Maury: Christopher Seiler

Gert: Alisa Ledyard

Foreman: José Amador

Amy: Sarah Bixler

Bartender: Keith Marsteller

Bigsby: Christopher Seiler

Director: Kathleen Hogan

Deputy X: Sarah Bixler

Deputy Y: Michael James Anderson

The Switzer: Joe Wack

Helen: Alisa Ledyard

Additional voices: Michael James Anderson, Meg Wack, Kathleen Hogan, Keith Marsteller

Written and Directed by Joe Wack

Produced by  Megan Joplin, Keith G. Marsteller, José Amador and Joe Wack

Audio Production by Keith G. Marsteller

Sound Mastering by Evan Mosher

DBP Radio Theater Theme by Evan Mosher

Theme from Megaballs ("Beast of Thunder") written by Peter W. Heizer

“Take It Easy” by Andy Taylor

“Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

various Pan Flute music by Constantin Moscovini

“You Shook Me All Night Long” AC/DC

Original Artwork by Rob Ullman

Logo by Cheese Bone Digital

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