From the minds that brought you Spit-Take Theater and dozens of other classic sketches that you don’t know, comes Disgruntled Bit-Players Radio Theater, a podcast that will present original radio plays designed to make you chuckle warmly so hard that you’ll puke. 

In the fourth episode of Megaballs, Bjorn and his companions have survived multiple attacks from The Department and now rest, safe, in the Baltimore headquarters of STOP, where a pair of genius siblings and their robot companion have things under control. Meanwhile, a new danger stalks our hero, in the form of Maude Blakely, a woman so deadly you won't realize you've been killed...until it's too late...because you're dead...because she's killed you...and now you're dead.



Announcer: Keith G. Marsteller

Bjorn: Evan Mosher

Helen: Alisa Ledyard

Tobor: José Amador

Ned: Trevor Brown

Luke: Salim Rahman

Leah: Sarah Bixler

Carl: Cory Nealy

Amy: Sarah Bixler

Angel: Duncan Joplin-Wack

Maude Blakely: Rhonda J. Soikowski

Director: Kathleen Hogan

Deputy X: Sarah Bixler

Deputy Y: Michael J. Anderson

Additional voices: Keith Marsteller and Margaret Wack 

Written and Directed by Joe Wack

Produced by  Megan Joplin, Keith G. Marsteller, José Amador and Joe Wack

Audio Production by Keith G. Marsteller

Sound Mastering by Evan Mosher

DBP Radio Theater Theme by Evan Mosher

Theme from Megaballs ("Beast of Thunder") written by Peter W. Heizer

The Bridge of Khazad Dum (by Kaitlyn Lusk)

Original Artwork by Rob Ullman

Logo by Cheese Bone Digital

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